In today’s film industry, being resourceful is an immense requirement to being successful. Due to economic shifts, budget restraints, and an overall change in the business, many post production members are now taking on more then one job duty to alleviate this. Most editors no longer just edit, but now have the tools and ability to add visual effects, color correction, and audio enhancement as well, disregarding the need for additional members.

At Digital Chromatics, we take the same approach. We’re not just a post-house, but rather a full and flexible service, here to help you through every and any step of your production. Still stuck in pre-production? Not a problem, we can help. Need final color and ADR? We’ll do both. With every project we work on, every upgrade in software and technology, and all the people we work with along the way, our business grows in experience and knowledge, allowing us to confidently assist you in improving the quality of your project.

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