FORESIGHT requires adequate planning. Pre-production is a very important process in producing a short or feature-length film, a network television series, or a national commercial spot. We look forward to working with you on your project, and helping you become successful!

    • Planning

      We will set up a time to meet face to face or over the phone to discuss your project and how we can assist. There are many options and talented people available that will discuss all of the services we offer and design a plan that perfectly fits your project and budget. We will also go over workflow and delivery options, if you choose to take advantage of our post production services. Different types of cameras have different workflows in post production, with many options that will be discussed in this meeting.

    • Budget

      We understand that not all productions are the same and the budget you have to work with is no exception. During the pre-production meeting, we will discuss your budget and how we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We have worked on many projects ranging from very large television shows with unlimited budgets, as well as independent projects that needed to be more calculated with their spending. With this experience, we can confidently work within any budget and offer exceptional service packages!

    • Talent

      We have professional relationships with several talented and experienced freelancers in many different aspects of the field. Whether your project calls for extremely high end visual effects, detailed audio mixing, or DIT work, we can provide a person who is the best fit in that particular field of the production.

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